Transportation Services

Reimbursement for Health-Related Public & Private Transportation

Provision of health-related transportation for qualifying Pilot Enrollees through vouchers for publictransportation or for private transportation by way of community transportation options, privatedrivers or ride sharing. This service may be furnished to transport Pilot Enrollees to non-medicalservices that promote community engagement, health and well-being. The service may includetransportation to locations indicated in an Enrollee’s care plan. Pilot transportation will not replaceNon-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) as required in Medicaid.

Transportation PMPM Add-On for Case Management Services

Reimbursement for coordination and provision of transportation for Pilot Enrollees provided by an organization delivering one or more of the following case management services:

  • Housing Navigation, Support and Sustaining Services
  • IPV Case Management
  • Holistic High Intensity Enhanced Case Management