Cross Domain

Holistic High Intensity Enhanced Case Management

Provision of one-to-one case management and/or educational services to address co-occurring needs related to housing insecurity and interpersonal violence/toxic stress, and as needed transportation and food insecurities. Activities may include those outlined in the following three service definitions:

  • Housing Navigation, Support and Sustaining Services
  • Food and Nutrition Access Case Management Services
  • IPV Case Management Services

Medical Respite Care

A short-term, specialized program focused on individuals who are homeless or imminently homeless, have recently been discharged from a hospital setting and require continuous access to medical care.

Linkages to Health-Related Legal Supports

This service will assist Enrollees with a specific matter with legal implications that influences their ability to secure and or maintain healthy and safe housing and mitigate or eliminate exposure to interpersonal violence or toxic stress. This services is limited to providing advice and counsel to Enrollees and DOES NOT include “legal representation”.